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Rhomboid flooring

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It is set in an important passageway of an important company: the Passadore Bank of Genoa. The choice of a strictly geometric figure, such as the rhombus, lends austerity to the floor it is installed in.

  • Slate slabs cut in diamond shapes
    (narrow side at 45°).
  • White marble slabs of the same size
  • Slab thickness 2 cm
  • Smoothed and polished after installation
  • Varied designed are formed depending
    on the type of installation

Info and suggestions

Zoccolino = Baseboard
Cornice = Frame
Collante = Adhesive
Sottofondo spianato grezzo finito con frattazzo = Rough spread floated foundation

A B C D Slate slabs per sq.m. Marble slabs per sq.m. Recommended use
45 x 15 x 2 23.7 15 15 Normal areas
60 x 20 x 2 30 9.5 9.5 Medium and large areas