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Information and suggestions

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Floors must be washed and perfectly cleaned to remove all residue of dust, grease, etc.. After this is done, for interiors we recommend applying neutral (white) wax, spreading it evenly and fixing it with a floor polisher, using the felt polishing disks. It is very important to apply the wax evenly in an adequate amount, since with too little wax there could be unwaxed areas and with too much footprints would be left. For exterior floors, or floors subject to wet and/or damp, we recommend water-repellent products which contribute to the lifetime and maintenance of colours; obviously these products must be transparent to leave the colour tones unaltered. 

Recommendations for installation

Installation of slab floors is normally done by specialised personnel using well-tested installation techniques; therefore the following as "recommended" or "not recommended" by us is only for your information and is absolutely not obligatory. We recommend laying a foundation with mortar of cement and sand and possibly adding very little lime, laid level or with a pitch if required, and floated, semi-rough (fine sand wall type). Then the slabs are laid after spreading fixing adhesives such as "Mapei" or "Kerakoll H40": this latter maintains adherence even under damp conditions, so it can be used even in outdoor environments. We do not recommend installation with lime mortar since we have already seen that water seeps between the slab seams, soaks the layer of mortar and when it finds a water-proof foundation, leaks out somewhere in the flooring taking with it traces of calcite which permanently stain any type of material. In exterior flooring and large interior flooring, expansion joints must be installed. 



In designing slate and marble floors, we recommend providing for a frame around the walls of the rooms, to make the "sectors" to be floored regular and squared off, thus eliminating any "out of square" in the rooms. Creating a frame allows for creating square spaces to install whole slabs and avoiding cutting, with obvious savings in installation and above all with greater improvement in the aesthetic effect. If "cuts" are necessary, we recommend using soft (bronze) binder diamond disks, and soaking the slate and marble a couple of hours before cutting.