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The Genoese turret/chimney in slate gives maximum protection to the tops of chimney flues because it protects them from the elements at the sides and on top without interfering with the draught.
It is made up of two pair of slate slabs which, joined by stainless steel 304 AISI angles, form a box. Two strong shelves in very resistant siliceous slate, passing through the chimney masonry, will support the box, while one slate slab a little smaller than the one in the box (to allow smoke to be exhausted) will be placed on the top of the flue. All this does not compromise whatever shape or form the chimney may be, as shown in the photo.

  • 5 smooth slate slabs (the cap and the
    4 sections in slate forming the box)
  • 2 shelves 4 cm thick and 10 cm high
    with notches for holding the box
  • 4 angles in stainless steel AISI 304
    (18% nickel-chrome) with nuts and bolts
    for firmly fixing the 4 slate sections forming
    the box.

Advantages of slate roofing
Works of perfection
For orders, it is sufficient to give us the measurements of the chimney brickwork, also by fax (0185.33.42.33)

The chimney box is made up of:
4 rectangular slabs (2 sides and 2 heads), 40 cm high and 24 cm longer than the chimney masonry.
The side slabs are inserted in the slots on the shelves.
The 4 slabs have a total of 16 holes in order to be joined by the 4 stainless steel angles supplied.
1 cap slab again larger than the masonry, to prevent water from dripping inside the flues; this slab is supplied with a drip on the underside to prevent water from dripping inside the chimney.