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Triple lopped off roofing

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It can be seen from the photo and drawing that “deep bevel” refers to the shape that the slab takes after its lower corners have been cut at the same angle. The acute angles, formed by the combination of the slate slabs, are aligned in the same oblique direction, creating at once original shadows in the uniformity of the stone.

Since it is triple roofing, this is the very best as far as quality and guarantees of impermeability and resistance to the elements, that can be found on the market.

This type of roofing can be used indifferently for both vast or minimum roof surfaces.

  • Slate slabs 57 x 57 cm, 9/10 mm thick
    or 57x30 cm , 9/10 mm thick 
    trimmed on the low side 
  • Fixing: 19 cm hooks in stainless steel or
    copper, 3 mm diam., better if 4 mm diam 

Advantages of slate roofing
Works of perfection
In the enlargement: detail of the copper wall flashing that prevents water seepage.

A – slab length = 57 cm
B – slab width = 40 cm or 30 cm
C – lateral half-slab width = 20 cm or 15 cm
D – length of starter slab = 38 cm
E – exposed slab length = 19 cm
F – vertical lath distance = 60/70 cm
G – size of horizontal lath = 4 x 3 cm (starter shim 4 x 4 cm)
H – length of hook = 19 cm
P – horizontal lath gauge = 19 cm

Requirements for covering 1 sq. m. of roof:
-13 slate slabs 57 x 40 cm + 13 hooks
-17 slate slabs 57 x 30 cm + 17 hooks
Total weight of 1 sq. m. of roof = 75 kg (with slabs 57 x 40 cm or 57 x 30 cm, 10mm thick)