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'Il Paradiso' in Genoa

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Villa Bombrini, also known as "II Paradiso", stands on the Albaro hill, a strategic point of the city of Genoa, dominating the city and the sea. Its courtly structure, typical of the Genoese late sixteenth century, arose from the imagination of the architect Andrea Vannone commissioned by the Marchesi di Saluzzo, owned today by the Marchesi Bombrini. The slate roof plays a role of great importance both as architectural element, seen in the context of the work, and as an element placed at the end of a series of garden planted terraces. 

In the play of volumes, hues of colours and the elegant profiles that delimit colour, slate roofing underlined by a wide cornice is a desired and conscious pause between architecture immersed in garden greenery and the blue of the sky.