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Hard promontory type slate slabs

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The well known hard Promontory slate, a typical Ligurian stone, quarried also in Val Fontanabuona, has been used to build the most beautiful churches (see the churches of San Matteo and Santo Stefano in Genoa, to mention just two) and the most beautiful noble palaces of Liguria.
The brilliant architect Mor, with an excellent knowledge of building materials and restorer of sacred buildings and ancient monuments with architectural value, declares that the hard Promontory slate is the best stone for building because it withstands the elements, therefore doesn’t flake or deteriorate. There are buildings still in good shape even after more than a thousand years!
Today, using modern technology, hard slate is used mainly in natural cleft slabs for special cladding, both exterior and interior, its rustic cleft giving the appearance similar to natural walls and lending a feeling of strength and antique elegance to all the structures where slate is applied.

  • Natural cleft slate slabs very rough
  • 60x30x3 cm
  • 60x40x3 cm
  • 80x50x4 cm
An example of installation of cladding in hard natural cleft slate. The depressed cornice, all around the slabs, highlights the rustic aspect of the cladding and reinforces the idea of strength.