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Large slabs

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The need to protect the external perimeter walls of buildings at their base, from water, mud and all other damaging substances, using wear-resistant materials, is timeless. This protection that is so necessary is called wainscoting. The basic scope for which it was conceived, first and foremost protection, must be made with unalterable materials that can withstand the elements and accidents.
Because of its natural characteristics of impermeability and hardness, slate is one of the most suitable materials for wainscoting.

In days gone by, every geographical area used for wainscoting the most resistant material that was most easily available; thus Liguria, with its slate quarries, supplied this wonderful natural material which turned out to be more and more suited various applications: from roofs to floors, to cladding.

  • Natural cleft, or polished or
    bush-hammered slate slabs
  • Length from 80 cm to 120 cm
  • Width from 50 cm to 75 cm
  • Thickness 2-3 cm
  • Finishing: with a “bird’s beak” on
    the upper side and vertical drainage
Since cladding normally juts out from the wall, if the top of the slab is square a right angle is formed that holds dirt and where rain can filter in between the slab and the wall, inevitably causing damage. This is why it is advisable that a “bird’s beak” smoothing be made on the top edge.